Collage showing surgeons in surgical suite, SwiftBlade device and Mission Statement.

Our Company

MEI is focused on bringing new technologies to market that combat liver cancer with more effective tools for liver surgery and localized cancer treatment by heat (tumor ablation). Our technologies combine a proprietary algorithm to control the application of radiofrequency energy to tissue, with enhanced blade electrode geometries to optimize tissue heating.
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MEI Technology

MEI’s patented technology was developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) and has been benchmark tested in animal studies against current technology. Based upon the results of testing, this platform is intended to offer improvements for reliable coagulation of tissues and blood vessels, and associated improvements for ease of use. These tools are designed to require only a single application of 3 to 6 minutes, which may reduce surgical time, resulting in a more cost-effective procedure and better patient outcomes.
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SwiftBlade Logo

MEI’s SwiftBlade™ System

The SwiftBlade™ system consists of a bipolar RF generator energy source (SwiftBlade™-RFG) and a procedure-specific disposable blade set. The RF generator package includes switching electronics and the proprietary algorithm. The blade set choices include a linear array for resecting across the organ and various diameter circumferential arrays for ablation of localized tumors.
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